That Love for the Ocean

It has been a dream to create awareness about the fragility of our oceans and the immediate loss of our culture through the advancement of modern technology and the increasing pace of urbanisation in our societies. And it has always been Glenn's dream to create a visual document of how our most precious resource; Our oceans suffered from irresponsible fishing, increasing temperatures in-lieu of global warming and the constant threat of over-fishing, and fishing and consumption of endangered animals.  To photograph and document the beauty of our Oceans so that we and our future generation could understand the importance of preservation and conservation of our Oceans and hope we are still in time to salvage what is then left. 

Since 2010, Glenn Yong has been travelling around Asia, and Indonesia primarily to document one of the World's most pristine reefs and marine parks in the region. From the iconic picture perfect places in Raja Ampat, and Komodo and the once famed Manado. On his journey, he witness the change in diving conditions, and the conditions of the reefs affected by intensive tourism or by irresponsible methods of fishing, and he has come to realise that there isn't much time left to document these beautiful places as commercialisation will soon take over, and before we know it, the once-beautiful reefs and the balance in the ecosystem will be affected. Through the years of travelling, he has shared stories and photographs which sometimes connect to people on the personal level, and through those pictures, it became a tool for building unique connections and making contact with people. 

Glenn is not a marine biologist nor a scientist. He is a photographer with a industrial design background and someone who shares a passion in story telling. And it all began when he started scuba diving and went around sharing about how exciting the sport was to him. And from then on, life was never the same anymore.