Explore the beauty of Raja Ampat within the Central islands.


Nestled on the slight north of Sorong lies one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Pristine reefs, large seafans and big schools of fish. A underwater photographer's dream come true. Non-stop action from the start of the day till the end.

Join Glenn Yong onboard KM Panunee as we sail towards the central islands in search for the next-big scope for the magazines and to prepare for yet another year of story telling by immersing himself into the action !

Travelling onboard one of the fastest yachts in Indonesia, you will be pampered and be taken cared by the professional crew onboard KM Panunee. And the best thing about travelling with a photographer like Glenn himself would be that he is always ready to give you advices to improve your photography and even purchase advices from the man himself.

Rest assured that you will be putting on quite a lot of weight because the boat serves one of the best meals in the industry, for reason being, serving onboard for the 2nd year, KM Panunee has a full time chef from Thailand and you will be guaranteed a wonderful range of thai and international cuisine. Coupled with dive guides from the famed Manado region. You can almost guarantee yourself a bucket full of photos upon your return and you will be back for more action.

Join Glenn onboard this expedition in November till February onboard KM Panunee.