World Class Marine Park. Richest marine biodiversity area. Top class diving. 

Raja Ampat Islands have been widely known around the world for its underwater beauty, not to mention its small islands and its richest marine biodiversity on earth in Coral Triangle due to its beneficial position between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Located at the Bird’s Head Peninsular of New Guinea Island, Raja Ampat is located in the West Papua province of Indonesia, which can be reached by flying from Jakarta or Bali to Sorong.

Raja Ampat archipelago consists of over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands, with 1,508 fish species and 537 coral species, 699 mollusc species. Some data shows the marine life biodiversity in Raja Ampat is the highest recorded on earth, with massive coral colonies under its high sea surface temperatures. Besides, the remote location of the archipelago is relatively undisturbed by human, although recently the tourism activities in Raja Ampat is starting to increase despite of limited infrastructure.

Raja Ampat diving consists of two areas, the north that centres around Waigeo Island area, and the south that centres around Misool Island area.

Misool island is known for its soft corals, shallow mangrove areas (be aware of some saltwater crocodile in this area), reef fish, mantas and pelagic species, which will make for some excellent wide-angle photography. Some sloping walls with colourful soft coral carpet also become houses for some small critters, from ghost pipefish to harlequin shrimp and pygmy seahorses. Misool also has at least three ponds with unpoisoned jellyfish, all in Misool area.